Group classes facilitate social skills and peer interaction in a supportive environment.

Sensory Solutions, LLC offers a variety of group classes that focus on building essential developmental skills for all kids, with and without special needs. Each class is specially designed to provide specific activities that help facilitate the developmental process using known therapeutic approaches. Play, movement, and fun are key aspects of all group classes.

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Morning Sensory Educational Programming

This program follows Florida’s educational standards while using developmental and sensory strategies to make learning fun and purposeful. It is a wonderful transitional stop for kiddos who are unable to get their needs met in other preschool programs. The schedule utilizes traditional programming of circle time and center time but also includes a variety of therapeutic modalities often used in occupational therapy intervention. This includes the Handwriting Without Tears program, sensory diets, visual supports, social stories, and others. The program is led by teachers and therapists and meets for 3 hours per day, 4 days per week.

Get it Write! (Handwriting Clinic)

There are many different components to handwriting besides the act of picking up a pencil. Some of the issues that are associated with handwriting difficulties are posture, pencil grip, letter formation, including the size and shape of letters, shape recognition, hand strength and coordination. These classes will offer activities specifically designed to promote improved handwriting mechanics. Pre and post assessment data will be collected to monitor progress. Children LOVE the Get it Write programming because rather than focus on a drill based, direct approach to improved handwriting, activities are centered around movement and play that provide the foundational skills needed to make handwriting an automated, effective task.

Get Moving! (Language-Based Movement Group)

This class is designed to provide a unique blend of activities that have traditionally been used within the therapeutic environment. Each activity is designed to improve in the development of gross motor, fine motor, social and language skills. This class will be centered on the enhancement of the natural process of development. The curriculum is specially designed by Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists to follow the natural developmental sequence. This class is geared toward both typically developing children as well as children with mild learning difficulties.


Home-School Fitness Program

Have fun and get active with us at Sensory Solutions! Your child will enjoy many interactive physical activities that address their basic fitness needs in a group setting to promote social interaction in a fun, active way. We also address the proprioceptive, vestibular, and kinesthetic needs of your child’s body. Using a variety of equipment and techniques we can help your child learn to organize, energize, and calm their mind and body.

Birthday Packages

Often times, the chaos associated with a traditional birthday party can be overwhelming for both parents and children. Sensory Solutions offers a uniquely designed experience for your child’s special occasion. This experience includes sixty minutes in the sensory gym and thirty minutes in a private party room to enjoy refreshments and open presents. For children with special needs, additional support is available. This may include structured playtimes, additional staff support, and social stories in preparation for the party. If necessary, pre-party tours can also be arranged for children who need extra support in new situations.